Boys have a reputation for being more difficult to potty train, but let’s be real, regardless of gender, potty training can be a lot of work.  However, you can condense that training time by using the  3 day potty training method.  Will it still be a lot of work?  Yes.  But it will be done quickly!

If you’ve tried potty training already, and your toddler didn’t get it down yet, it’s possible he or she wasn’t ready.  So how do you know when your baby is ready? One of the best indicators is that they try to go.  They may take their diapers off (or try to), or express an interest in you going to the bathroom.

Now if you suspect your child is ready to potty train, the 3 day potty training method is definitely one to consider.

We would also definitely encourage you to check out our potty training method which only takes one day!

Like our program, the three day method relies on the parent being dedicated fully to the child for the entire time period. No me time, no friends, no cleaning or cooking.  Just the child.

It  takes some preparation.  To make the three day potty training method work for you you’ll want to start by having your house clean, shopping done, meals prepped and have your three days with your child planned out. This may include activates like movies, games, coloring, crafts, make believe or just hanging out.

If you have older kids, it works best to find play dates for them after school, or if you’re using the weekend, see if they can spend some time with their friends, or maybe grandma!

What You’ll Need for 3-Day Potty Training

In our house in the country we let our littles go totally naked while potty training, but in this method, the author recommend picking up T-Shirts that drop below the child’s private area so they can be “dressed” but also go commando.

This has multiple purposes, for one thing it takes time to take off pants and a diaper to use the potty and some kids will have accidents in the process. Another reason is that being commando should help the child remember that they’re doing something new- using the potty! Yet another reason is that when the child does have an accident, it will be VERY obvious to the child.  You can show them the mess in real time and have them help clean in.

About Those Accidents…

I’m sure just the mention of accidents is making your white carpet quiver, but the reality is that there WILL be accidents. And that’s okay.  Your child will learn when they have an accident.  They can help you clean the mess and get reminded of why it’s important to make it to the potty.  A bunch of praise when they make it will go a long way too!

Get Lots of Drinks

Just like in our one day method, the three day potty training method encourages you to stock up on the drinks!  More liquid means more pee and the more times you can practice the better!

And Prizes!

The 3 day potty training method does use prizes like crayons, cars, dolls, stickers etc.  The dollar store is a great place to look for these prizes.

Make Sense? Awesome! Let’s Put It All Together: How to Potty Train Your Toddler In 3 Days

  • When your toddler wakes up in the morning, get rid of that dirty diaper. Have your child participate in throwing away the diaper and saying good bye forever.
  • Instead of getting dressed, just stay naked and put the oversized t-shirt on. This is a great time to explain that there isn’t a diaper to catch the potty, so it’s important to go on the toilet.
  • Time for breakfast! Make sure to give your child an extra drink (or two if they want it) and after breakfast take them to the bathroom. If they’ve had enough to drink they should go on the toilet successfully for the first time!
  • Continue on with your day, but don’t leave the house.  All those games and activates you scheduled should keep you and your toddler busy! The catch?  You need to walk your child to the potty every 15 minutes, all day long for three days.
  • After dinner, no drinks or food!
  • Have your child try going potty right before bed.
  • Wake your child up halfway through the night to pee.
  • Repeat for two more days!
  • Don’t get upset about accidents. They’re not a big deal. Don’t react. But heavily praise your child for getting that potty!

Not down for 3 days?  We have a similar program, but it only takes one day!

You can check it out here. 


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