Peejamas have been advertised as the new, better and cleaner version of a cloth diaper. But can they really help you save money and keep your bed sheets clean?  Are they really the solution to saving the environment?

What Are Peejamas?

Most likely, if you stumbled upon this page you’ve heard of Peejamas, you’re interested in them and you want to know more. First, let’s just look at an overview of what we know about Peejamas. Peejamas were designed in 2016 to provide parents a better option to disposable diapers and pull ups.

Their stated goal is to help you save money and stop you from filling landfills with plastic-filled disposables. They also wanted to provide a better solution than cloth diapers. Notorious to leakage, the creators of Peejamas wanted to find a way around cloth diapers to ensure that you wouldn’t be dealing with wet sheets in the middle of the night anymore.

Peejamas come in sizes 2T – 6/7 and they’ve announced that they will be releasing a larger size (8/9) in the near future. According to the manufacturer, the jammies are made of “super absorbent material” that is ecofriendly and skin friendly. In order to encourage kids in their potty training, the pajamas are designed so the kids will still feel that they have wet themselves, but the mess won’t soak through to the bed.

At least it won’t if it’s less than 10oz of liquid. Looking through existing reviews we can see that Peejamas are not necessarily ideal for heavy wetters or kids with overactive bladders. Even though this has been a negative tic on many reviews, the company itself has expressed that these pajamas may not be right for usage that results in over 10oz of liquid. This may be disappointing to parents finding this out on first try, but it’s clearly stated in many places across the brand’s website.

Okay, so what about the cost vs value? A set of Peejamas cost somewhere around $35 at the time of writing this. Since they can be washed up to 300 times, your child should be able to wear one pair for nearly a year straight. At the time of writing this, a year of pull ups would cost around $140 for a size 2/3T. Plus, and they get more expensive with larger sizes.

Peejamas tend to stay the same cost even when you go up to larger sizes, which makes them even more economical when you have an older child that’s still having accidents. If you buy the Peejamas in a larger size (which is recommended to prevent leaks) that will allow your child some additional comfort and also ensure that they don’t outgrow them too quickly. One last point in regards to cost vs value is that when you buy Peejamas you’re buying a dual use product- a product that functions as both pajamas and a diaper. Dual functionality is a plus in this mama’s book!

The Reviews:

Overall, the reviews are a mixed bag. Customer service is consistently rated notoriously bad. Some people even said that their inquires went unanswered. Beyond poor customer service, the return policy is also only for unused Peejamas. So basically if they leak, too bad you’re out of luck.

And how often do they leak? It’s hard to say. About half of the reviews out there say that they work. The other half say they don’t. Statistically speaking, more people leave negative reviews than positive ones, so it’s possible that more people have success than don’t, but who really knows?

Would You Try Them?

Personally, we will be giving Peejamas a try. Our largest qualm is the seemingly poor customer service. If a product doesn’t work and there’s support, that’s one thing, but if you don’t even get a response back-that’s another.

Our plan is to buy a couple of pairs, but only start using one with our little guy. We’ll try it for a week because they apparently need 5 washes to “break in” and if they don’t work well for us we’ll go ahead and return the unused one. At the end of the day, I figure that if they don’t work I get a cute pair of pjs for my toddler for only slightly more than I would normally pay!

But what about you?

Will you be trying them?

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