Many parents have said that the Teething Egg has made their life a lot easier. And even though every kid is different, maybe the colorful toy can help you go through the teething period with ease.

What makes the Teething egg special and is it worth the money?

If you’re reading this maybe you’ve already experienced the scary period of teething or maybe you’re about to go on this “adventure” with you growing baby?

Whatever it is, know that I’m with you and you have my virtual support! If you keep on reading I will introduce you to a teething toy that many say it’s different then all the rest.

Introducing, the Teething Egg. Another type of teething toy that is supposed to make your little one feel relief from their burning gums.

According to their official website, The Teething Egg is an award-winning teether manufactured in the USA with American materials.

The patterned design has a consistent soft textured surface, yet it has a firm body from the inside to allow teeth development. The toy is made from a unique TPE material blend and both, the egg and the harness it comes with, have been lab tested and certified safe for infants by safety commissions worldwide.

It is FDA approved – the latest rubber blend (latex free) technology used in a wide range of children’s products including pacifiers. It’s also BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate, Metal, Latex, and Lead Free and it’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The company seems to know what they are doing. And the majority of parents that have tried this have agreed with all of the above. However, there is a little problem that some have witnessed – even though it is said to have the perfect weight and size, not everyone loves it. 

The Egg seems to be a bit larger than most of the parents think from the photo.  This is for safety reasons, but some have said it makes it  very hard for kids to hold it and keep it in their mouth.

The company may have attempted to remedy this complaint by coming out with the Grippie Stick (sold separately).

Although the Grippie Stick seems to resolve the main problem of this product, there have been complaints about the cost of the teether with many wondering why the products are not sold in a combo package.

Another issue that parents have experienced is that kids can find the Egg uninteresting. 

Yes, the Egg has a rattle inside that makes a soft and intriguing sound but some children don’t really find it that entertaining.

Those who find the Egg interesting enough to use it as intended have noticed an adorable squeaking noise coming from their gums and it seems they, as well as their parents, love it.

All the positive hype exists for a reason.  The egg is consistently rated as being high quality. And most find that it provides the relief that their child needs.

Tips for use:

One fun benefit of this teether is that you can throw it in your freezer, so when your little human starts chewing on it, they’ll find a cooling and relaxing sensation on their burning gums.

When looking into the manufacturing details I was happy to see how serious the manufacturers have taken safety for the kids.

The small end of the egg easily glides around the mouth, while the large end prevents it from being a choking hazard.

The product has been through many safety tests in the USA, Europe and Australia so they can easily attract customers worldwide.

“Tested and certified safe for infants by safety commissions worldwide you can feel confident that your baby has the highest quality teether on the market.”

The Teething Egg sounds like a tool I would trust, but since I wont’ be using it, I’ll leave the final decision in the little hands of my baby.